School Facts





The Freie Aktive Schule Syke is an independent school, accredited under the German education act, run by a registered society, and funded through school fees.


Our learning coaches are either fully qualified Montessori teachers or are undergoing continued Montessori teacher training.



School hours


School opens at 7.45 am with a shared breakfast. Morning assembly starts at 8.15 am with morning worktime finishing at 12.30 pm, followed by lunch.


Afternoon activities end at 2 pm, except on Fridays, when the school closes at 12.30 pm. Once the school moves to its new building at Syke's former forestry commission offices, lessons will finish at 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.





There is generally no homework, unless for specific projects.





Schoolwork is not graded until pupils reach the 9th grade level. Instead, pupils will be evaluated continously and receive a detailed assessment of their strengths and weaknesses at the end of each school year. These evaluations will be discussed with the pupils themselves.


In line with Montessori teaching, the upper grades will practise regular self-assessment.





School fees are income-based and average 200 euros per month, plus 60 euros for lunch. All food served at the school is certified organic.


A support scheme for low-income families is in place.



School-leaving qualifications


The GPA Montessori project will be undertaken in 9th grade.


In 10th grade, pupils will be able to obtain their high-school diploma (secondary school certificate) and, in 13th grade, their secondary school leaving certificate (general university entrance qualification).



Language teaching


The school is bilingual and offers monolingual lessons on various subjects in English, and at a later date, in another European language. Teachers are native speakers and students are able to travel and work abroad throughout their school career.



Further information


For further information about the Montessori method, go to the American Montessori Foundation or check out wikipedia.


A list of Montessori literature is available on these pages: (in German and in English).


For recommended reading, go to our References page.


A detailed overview of our learning concept in German can be found on our German language pages.


A short video explaining what makes Montessori teaching different can be watched here.